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London born and raised, Jasmin was someone who broke away from societal norms when it came to individualism, struggling to, not only find herself but also as an artist.

Coming from a Kenyan-Punjabi background, she was always inspired and surrounded by varieties of colour and pattern which later developed into bold graphics, after having seen her parents analogue photographs abroad. This sparked her idea of Paradise Girl. A brand which reflects the beauty of  womanhood; flowers of the Earth, mothers of the next generation. 

Paradise Girl is for the women of today and for the young girls of tomorrow.

Embrace and flourish. We’re all beautiful. x

Jasmin is a London based artist passionate about the arts, fashion and Hip Hop. Her work specifically focuses on portraiture and music.

On her creative journey she started writing a journal as a result of dealing with mental health issues which later developed into a blog and then a brand called Paradise Girl. Her brand was created from the empowerment she felt through writing. She also curates and styles her own photoshoots for her blog.

Jasmin amalgamated her Punjabi culture, her heritage, fashion and arts to form her expressions. Deeply interested in encouraging young girls especially within her community; to pursue the arts, as it’s something that isn’t encouraged or deemed acceptable by many. 

A graduate of London College of Communication in Graphic and Media Design, she has had the opportunity of being commissioned twice by MTV to design artwork for walls at their head offices in Camden, which currently still stands. Other clients include GAP and Lazy Oaf. 

A keen collaborator, having worked with other visual and music artists overseas, producing album artwork and styling and shooting lookbooks.